How to get to La Suite del Vicolo

We provide the self check-in solution for our guests, so feel free to go in the house whenever you prefer, either in the late night, or very early in the morning.

After your arrive in Agrigento you can reach easily the house just following one of the guides you can see below! There are three guides, in 3 different pdf files: car, bus and train

If you arrive by car, you can find below the exact position of the closest area where you can park the car for free, and from there you have to follow the related guide. 

If you arrive by bus or train, there are also two guides, one of each one you need!

How to reach the house...

If you have an android smartphone, probably is not possible to open the pdf file, but it will download automatically. So please check the download folder on your smartphone. 

Position of the Parking Area

  •  Google Maps: Click or tap to “Google Maps” to connect directly to the position
  • Apple Maps: Click or tap to “Apple Maps” to connect directly to the position
  • Waze: Click or tap to “Waze” to connect directly to the position 


  1.  The distance from the bus station to the house is about 600 meters
  2. The distance from the train station to the house is about 450 meters
  3. The distance from the parking area to the house is between 160 meters to 250 meters (it depends on where you find a parking lot)


  •  The house is located inside the historic centre, between the old small and characteristics streets of Agrigento, which means that is accessible only walking and doing a staircase.
  • If you struggle to walking and you travel with heavy luggages maybe it will be difficult to get to our house. So be free to evaluate other solutions.
  • If you need help or you have any questions about your stay don’t hesitate to ask!